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Stock Plans—Your Employees’ Experience:Committed and empowered employees.

You're helping your employees become more invested in your company, so their experience should feel empowering. That's why Schwab Stock Plan Services gives you options for providing your employees with the education, guidance, and support they need to understand, embrace, and take full advantage of the equity award benefits that you offer.

Plus, we're so committed to our clients' satisfaction, we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee1 and lower online equity trade commissions. Offering competitive benefits may help you attract and retain talent while developing more committed employees who feel confident about the decisions they are making for their financial future.

Explore the ways we help you help your employees:


The Schwab Equity Award Center website connects employees with a wide range of educational resources to help them build a deeper understanding of equity benefits. Resources include:

  • Timely, relevant articles
  • Online tutorials and seminars
  • On-site and branch location seminars and workshops
  • One-on-one consultations2
  • FAQs about opening an account, stock options, working with Schwab, and more

Equity Award Consultation Team (EACT) is an optional, no-cost consultation service that gives employees the opportunity to receive one-on-one guidance and get answers to specific equity award questions.2 EACT provides:

  • A thorough review of the employee’s current equity award holdings
  • An overview of the potential value of the employee’s equity awards—delivered as a helpful reference to guide their plans for the future
  • An action plan based on the employee’s financial goals
  • Post-consultation follow-ups as often as needed
  • An explanation of some of the potential tax implications of equity award transactions (the team does not provide tax advice)

Dedicated plan service representatives.

The first point of contact for your employees is our dedicated plan service representatives. They help employees with general questions and provide account-related and transaction support. They work in a consultative manner to help identify needs that your employees have. Our representatives are available from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, via a toll-free number.

Consultants in your local branch who know your stock plan.

Complimentary, in-person consultations are available at any of our 300 Schwab branches nationwide. Financial Consultants near your company’s headquarters will be familiar with your stock plan and can help your employees on a local level. Branch consultants can also help participants with guidance on their broader financial picture.

Services for executives

Schwab® Executive Services provides customized services for your senior-level employees who may have more complex financial matters. They can receive ongoing, one-on-one guidance from a dedicated Financial Consultant and specialized team.3 Other benefits include:

  • Help with understanding and making the most of executive compensation opportunities
  • Planning that addresses equity compensation issues, including restricted trading
  • Portfolio analysis to identify needed adjustments and additional planning needs
  • Financial and retirement planning to help maximize assets and achieve goals
  • Coordination with any existing financial advisors, accountants, or attorneys
  • 10b5-1 plans to allow executives who are major stockholders in your firm to sell their stock with less risk of insider trading issues
  • Section 16 filing tool to assist major stockholders with filing required forms with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

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“EACT opened my eyes to additional investment services that enhanced the value of my equity award benefit.”

– EACT participant

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Satisfaction Guarantee1
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