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A stock plan is a strategic investment tool that can help add long-term value for your company and employees.

Ownership matters

Your employees have a stake in your success. They’re invested in helping create your company’s future. Offer them a stock plan that lets them know you’re just as invested in theirs.

In it together
A smart, strategic stock plan is more than a way to reward employees. It is an invitation—to turn earners into owners. Forward-thinking companies know this. They invest in their people just as they do technology or infrastructure.

So your stock plan becomes a critical asset for mutual success. It can help improve your business through developing a more engaged, committed workforce. That spells long-term value for everyone involved. Because when it comes to success, you and your employees are in it together.

Whatever grant type you issue—stock options, restricted stock, stock appreciation rights, performance shares, cash awards or employee stock purchase plans—Schwab Stock Plan Services can help. We can assist you with the administration of your plan and arm you with tools to provide a competitive equity award benefit. Plus, we offer guidance and education to serve your employees, to help them understand the full value of their stock plan benefit and use it to help move them closer to their financial goals.


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Stock plan solutions from Schwab

Administrative choices to match your company’s vision

You deserve to run your stock plan your way. With Schwab Stock Plan Services, you can manage as much or as little of the plan administration as you like.

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Guidance that empowers your employees

To attract and retain top talent, you need to provide education and guidance that help employees understand, embrace, and take full advantage of their equity award benefits.

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Technology that helps put you in control

Your technology shouldn’t control you. It should empower you to meet your administrative— and many of your regulatory— challenges head-on.

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