What is financial wellness?

What is financial wellness?

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Financial Wellness



NARRATOR: What is Financial Wellness?

The answer varies. Most people want help managing their finances regardless of whether they're low, or high wage earners, have simple or complex financial situations, or are beginning savers or sophisticated investors.

Creating a formal financial plan is an important step, but many people feel they don't have enough money to merit one.

Research shows that the most effective financial wellness strategies involve connecting with each person, regardless of how much money they have today. Personalizing their conversation, and next steps.

LADY: To me, financial wellness means - not staying up at night wondering if I'm on track to meet my goals.

NARRATOR: Because financial stress affects productivity, employers have a vested interest in helping employees get on the right path.

Providing financial wellness support to employees, in tandem with other workplace benefits, may just be the key to helping them make better, informed decisions.

And offering educational tools through both digital and personal channels can help reach even more people.

Perhaps one of the most important things that planned sponsors can do, is get the right messages to the right employees.

An effective strategy, will use work-force data and insights to increase the likelihood that messages will resonate.

GENTLEMAN: I want to see information that relates to my situation without the extra noise. Respecting the different ways that people set goals is important.

NARRATOR: For many, the road to financial wellness begins at work. And employees may benefit from a less stressed, more engaged workforce.

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What is financial wellness?

The answer varies. Most people want help managing their finances regardless of whether they're low- or high-wage earners or have simple or complex financial situations.