When creating a 401(k) engagement strategy, don't forget those who aren't in the plan.

Research says

Research says many nonsavers opt out of or fail to enroll in one of their "must-have" benefits—their company's 401(k) plan. What approaches can increase enrollment?


  • 77% of nonsavers say they would use a financial wellness program if it was offered by their employer.*

  • Many employees want to take control of their finances but don't know where to start.*

  • 30% of nonsavers have experienced financial stress that affected their job performance.*


  • Introduce a program with financial tools, education, and resources.

  • Engage employees with financial wellness activities that help them understand they can save for the future.

  • Give employees the tools and resources needed to meet the financial challenges that most often create stress.


  • Employees have the opportunity to navigate their finances, create a budget, and develop savings strategies.

  • Employees can build skills in prioritizing bills, managing debt, and saving for the future.

  • Employees may become less stressed, more focused, and happier.

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