2017 Compliance Solutions National Conference Recap


TRACEY STRAUB: We hope that for the next day-and-a-half you really have a good opportunity to engage with your friends, engage with us, and just have some fun.

RUMI KULI: If we could improve trust, we can improve decision-making, and we can just make life better, in general.

MARIO DiFIORE: It’s thinking and doing. Those are the two most important words.

JARED CALVERT: I came to the Schwab Compliance Conference so that I could network with other professionals in the compliance industry.

CARI ZALESIAK: This is a great opportunity to meet new people, and to learn new things that I can take back to the office.

MATT GARCIA: Hard skills, hard information, and then, also, a great mixture of soft skills, leadership, professional development.

PAUL ZAPPALA: My favorite session so far has been the talk by Mr. Gallagher.

CHUCK GALLAGHER: Success has truly to do with the impact that you have on other people’s lives.

LYMAN TERNI: What you’re doing every day to secure your firms is what’s going to be really important for what everybody else here is doing.

DEANNA MAROTZ: I will bring back to the office just kind of renewed energy.

JULIE SANTERS: We’re getting all our… our sessions in, but we also get to network in the beautiful surroundings.

SUSAN OCHS: Everybody wants kind of easy answers, the silver bullets, and we talk about culture, it’s human beings, and we are complex, and we are irrational, but we are capable of change.

KIM LEVY: We have very analytical minds. To be able to think about the rules, and apply the rules, and measure the rules.

MYLES BLECHNER: This is my fourth Compliance Solutions Conference, and they get better and better each time.

STEFANIE LITTLE: From a networking perspective and… and finding people that you have common interests and common issues in the compliance world was great.

LAURIE KEEGAN: It has a lot of soft skills, a lot of leadership skills, things you don’t get at other conferences.

MARK JEFFRIES: If you inspire when people need to know about the destination, if you negotiate the right way, and you prove you’re a specialist, those scales constantly will tilt in your favor.

KAREN ZENISEK: I tell you, I have such respect and admiration for what you do, for your firms, as well as the industry, and we look forward to continue to support that process.

SCOTT RISER: Thank you for being here, thanks for your confidence and… and for your partnership with us. Thanks.

[End of transcript]