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WORKPLACE FINANCIAL WELLNESS FOR RETIREMENT PLANSWe believe the path to financial wellness starts at work.

Retirement readiness often requires more than a 401(k). Help your employees take the right steps to prepare for retirement, with guidance and support that help them address their full financial lives.

While many financial wellness programs offer only education, we believe in an action-oriented approach. One that helps each employee—from financial novice to savvy investor—build a plan and take their next step toward financial ownership.

Our four pillars of financial wellness

Through a combination of people and technology, financial wellness is built into our retirement plan services.

Our personalized, data-driven approach includes:

  • Digital engagement – On-the-go access via our Schwab Workplace Retirement app*, interactive tools to track progress toward retirement goals, and ongoing enhancements to keep up with participants' needs

  • Financial coaching – Focused one-on-one conversations to help participants understand their options, make the most of plan features, and learn about relevant next steps

  • Educational resources – On-demand access to a wealth of information, tools, and webinars to help employees make more informed financial decisions in their plan and beyond

  • Flexible solutions – Access to personalized, third-party in-plan advice and managed account services; automatic savings features; Roth options; and self-directed brokerage accounts, as well as beyond-the-plan saving and investing options

Learn more about financial wellness

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