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A unique view on the 401(k).

Your employees deserve more than "one-size-fits-all" savings and investment advice. Your plan can offer your employees personalized advice,1 while providing access to a wide range of investment options, including index mutual funds or ETFs. All at a cost typically lower than your current 401(k).2 Because when it comes to advice, we believe that personalization matters.

No two people are the same.

Their retirement plan advice shouldn't be either.

Nearly 90% of participants reported that their 401(k) was their only or largest source of retirement savings,3 yet nearly 70 million people don’t feel their retirement plan will be enough.4

Personalized managed accounts

  • The research

    Research suggests that participants using a managed account service in a 401(k) plan could end up with nearly 40% more income in retirement.5

  • Our offering

    Participants who are subscribed to the managed account services receive a personalized savings and investment strategy based on their own unique set of information. Ongoing professional management through a third-party provider could help participants’ strategies evolve as their lives change. Each participant’s investment mix is reviewed every three months and adjusted if needed. Participants’ portfolios will be reassessed at least once a year to account for being one year closer to retirement and to consider any additional changes shared by you or the participants.

Low-cost diverse investments

  • The research

    Lower-cost investment options could help employees end up with as much as $115,000 more at retirement.7

    An index fund lineup can help control cost, lowering what your participants pay in fund operating expenses by 70% to 90%.8

  • Our offering

    You can select a fund lineup of low-cost index mutual funds or potentially see even lower operating expenses with a lineup of exchange-traded funds.6

Unique plan design

  • The research

    In plans that utilize the managed service as of April 2015, 85% of plan participants stayed in the service, while 15% managed on their own. In an opt-in advice environment, 1 in 10 participants elected to use the service.9

    Staying the course

    85% of participants in plans with automatic savings adjustments stayed in the savings adjustments program.10

  • Our offering

    Automatic opt-in means participants are automatically enrolled in the managed account service, automatic savings adjustments, and low-cost investment options. Participants can choose to cancel or opt out. A unique plan design is one of the most ideal combinations for helping participants achieve better outcomes.


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