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A unique view on the 401(k).

Your employees deserve more than "one-size-fits-all" savings and investment advice. Your plan can make personalized advice1 available to your employees while providing access to a wide range of investment options, including index mutual funds or ETFs. Because when it comes to advice, we believe that personalization matters.

No two people are the same.

Their retirement plan advice shouldn't be either.

Only 44% of participants feel comfortable making decisions about their 401(k) on their own.2

Managed accounts

  • The research

    Assuming an annual fee of 0.40%, a 30-year-old participant could have almost 56% more annual retirement income from a managed accounts service.3

  • Our offering

    Based on their own unique set of information, participants who are subscribed to the third-party managed account service receive a personalized savings and investment strategy, for a fee. Ongoing account monitoring and automatic adjustments to their investments may help them stay on track even as major life events occur.

Low-cost diverse investments

  • The research

    An index fund lineup can help control costs, lowering what your participants pay in fund operating expenses by 82%.4

  • Our offering

    You can select a fund lineup of low-cost index mutual funds or potentially see even lower operating expenses with a lineup of exchange-traded funds.5

Unique plan design

  • The research

    In plans that have utilized the managed account service as of January 2019, 78% of plan participants stayed in the service, while 22% managed on their own. When given the choice, 74% of participants choose managed accounts over a one-time recommendation.6

  • Our offering

    Plan Sponsors have the option to elect the third-party managed accounts service for the plan, which can serve as the Qualified Default Investment Alternative. Participants can choose to use managed accounts or to opt out. A unique plan design is one of the most ideal combinations for helping participants achieve better outcomes.


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