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Stock Plans—Your experience:Here for you.
Here for your
plan participants.

Helping you help your employees own their place in your company—that’s our goal. With Schwab Stock Plan Services, you get what you need to administer your stock plan efficiently and effectively. You can choose how much or how little control you want, and use our tools to help make day-to-day management easier. You also have a dedicated team to leverage for support and guidance whenever you need it.

Explore the ways we help you:

Dedicated team

You’re backed by a full range of support. Your Schwab client service manager is your go-to person for help with daily plan administration. You also have access to Schwab stock plan professionals who can work with you on recordkeeping, employee education, and other aspects of your stock plan.

Sophisticated online platform

Our flexible, web-based Schwab StockPlanManager® is your entry point for managing your stock plan program. Simply log in for secure access to:

  • A secure exchange of employee equity award information between stock plan administrators and Schwab.
  • Settings that give you the ability to enact required restrictions and establish or control blackout periods for select employees.
  • Functionality to post real-time messages and documents for employees on their participant website.
  • Web-based tools for filing SEC Forms 3, 4, and 5, as well as an insider’s holding database—Schwab Section 16 Center®—that tracks direct and indirect share ownership in one convenient location.
  • Schwab EquiView®, an end-to-end recordkeeping system for generating reports, managing participant communications, handling tax-withholding data, and other tasks associated with your equity award program.
  • Global tax capabilities included in Schwab EquiView work with equity compensation plans to apply tax jurisdictions based on participant mobility. These global tax features help keep both your company and your plan participants compliant.
Flexible administration

Choose the way you want to run your stock plan. No matter what you decide, our team will assist you with the time-consuming tasks of day-to-day administration.

  • Full service. By outsourcing most of your administration to Schwab, you can reduce more of your staff’s workload, potentially lowering costs and helping to improve your plan’s efficiency. You’ll also benefit from working with our experienced stock plan administration staff.
  • Co-sourced. Choose the level of service appropriate for your company within the various areas of day-to-day administration. Select the level of control you need for your business, and free up duties from staff where you see fit by outsourcing certain tasks to Schwab.
  • Brokerage-only. Choose this option if you simply need access to brokerage services for your employees’ equity awards and will continue to administer the plan in-house with your recordkeeping system. You shift only employee support and service to Schwab.
Range of equity types

You have access to a wide selection of equity types to offer your employees. Choose a mix that fits with your business and equity awards program.

  • Incentive stock options (ISOs) and nonqualified stock options (NSOs)
  • Restricted stock awards (RSAs) and restricted stock units (RSUs)
  • Stock-appreciation rights (SARs)
  • Performance stock options (PSOs), performance stock awards (PSAs), and performance stock units (PSUs)
  • Employee stock purchase plans (ESPPs)
  • Dividend equivalents
  • Cash awards

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