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Stock Plans—Technology:Powerful tools for you and your employees.

Schwab Stock Plan Services provides you with intuitive, user-friendly technology that adapts to meet your plan's administrative needs. And your participants benefit from a variety of online support and education resources.

Use our technology to oversee most of your reporting and recordkeeping tasks online, in one place.
Schwab EquiView® is Schwab's proprietary, web-based, end-to-end recordkeeping system. Intuitive and user-friendly, it's designed to adapt to changing business needs and to handle evolving equity award programs.

Powerful technology that evolves to help meet your needs.

Simplify your stock plan.

With Schwab, you get intuitive, user-friendly technology that’s flexible enough to adapt to your changing needs and is built to reduce the workload of managing your plan.

  • Sort and display data for reports.
  • Integrate payroll and human resources information.
  • Stay on top of ASC Topic 718 and IFRS 2 changes.
  • Plan for future scenarios.
  • Manage mobile employee populations.
  • Manage disclosure reporting.
  • Global tax capabilities to track and source income for mobile employees.

Be mindful of risk.

Secure, archived data is critical in today’s world. Our robust platform safeguards all your data in one system so you have access to detailed records of the information you need to stay compliant.

  • Full audit trail—One overarching system scrubs and securely stores your data, including historical reports. We fully track changes, allowing you to see when data was entered, what was changed, and by whom. The system also allows you to add notes to document reasons for any changes.
  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) controls—Our systems are specifically built to help you meet SOX reporting requirements. Further protect data by managing user access, controlling viewing permissions, limiting frequency of access, and hiding certain award types.
  • Data encryption—Even when your data is at rest in our secure location, it stays encrypted in our database, adding an important layer of protection.

Beyond daily management.

Our technology does more than help your employees manage their equity awards. It provides a platform for helping your employees get full value out of the program you deliver. Through the Schwab Equity Award Center® website, employees gain access to educational resources, planning tools, helpful reminders, and more. When employees have questions, dedicated Schwab investment professionals can help them take advantage of online resources and provide extra support as needed.

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