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Making a Commitment

Schwab offers its clients more choices and tools to help build and manage their financial future.

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Soft music plays. Glowing white text fades in on a dark-blue background.

Onscreen text:
45 years ago
Schwab made a commitment
to individual investors.

Text fades out, and new glowing white text fades in.

Onscreen text:
We’ve been making that 
commitment to employers
and independent advisors.

Text fades out, and new glowing white text fades in.

Every day.

Text fades to black.

Man [off-screen]: Cameras ready? In four, three, two…

A woman in a newsroom walks past the cameras to the main news desk. Someone checks the sound equipment as the woman is fitted with a body mic on her blazer. The ceiling lights in the lobby of a Schwab building turn on. In the newsroom, an employee signals the woman that they’re about to roll the cameras. The sound equipment is adjusted one last time as an “ON AIR” sign lights up. People wearing headsets behind the scenes check that the equipment is running smoothly for the woman about to be recorded: Liz Ann Sonders.

Liz Ann [onscreen]: Investing should never, ever be about a moment in time. Investing should always be a process over time.

Aerial view of a large misty park at sunrise. A man unlocks a revolving door, and the lights in a Charles Schwab branch office come on. A suburban house stands in the sunlight, and inside a man is tying his tie in the bathroom.

Husband: My brother called.

Wife: Oh really, how is he?

Husband: He’s retiring.

Husband and wife stand at the kitchen island; the wife takes off her glasses.

Wife: Wow, nice for him.

Husband: Yeah, but what about us?

They stand silently for a moment, looking at each other.

A hospital admin walks down the stairs of Metropolitan General Hospital with a Schwab representative. They continue talking while walking down a hallway.

Hospital admin: What are my peers doing with their 401(k) plans? What’s going on out there? Are we competitive?

People are seen riding bikes outside an office building and walking up the stairs inside. A company representative approaches the entrance with two Schwab reps. An employee in the lobby looks up from his computer, and a woman somewhere inside the office is giving a presentation. The group sits on sunlit couches in a common area talking.

Company rep: In tech, getting talent is the name of the game. And our stock plan is key. How can you help us?

A young man hugs a woman before getting into the back of a car. He types on his phone while facing the open window. He’s video-calling a Schwab Intelligent Portfolio Premium advisor.

Millennial: If I want to buy a house in like, say, five years, what do I need to do today?

A financial consultant in a suit walks onto a train, sits down, pulls out his computer, and begins typing an email to his Schwab advisor.

Financial consultant: My advisory firm is growing. How can Schwab help me spend more time with my clients?

A man unrolls a building plan inside a space that is being renovated. He greets two Schwab reps who walk up to him and shake their hands. The man then goes on a walk with one of the reps to chat. 

Financial consultant: I put a lot on the line going independent. You guys really going to have my back?

A gray-haired man walks down a city street with dozens of other people and boards a ferry, with the city shoreline in the background. He stands by the railing while talking into an earpiece. 

Financial consultant: Looking for core products for my client’s 401(k). Something with a track record.

The Schwab rep sits across from the company rep in the sunlit common area and answers his question confidently.

Schwab rep: We have lots of ways to help.

The Schwab rep walking down the hallway with the hospital admin responds to her question.

Schwab rep: We can help you with that.

The Schwab rep meeting with the financial consultant in his office under renovation answers his questions.

Schwab rep: We are here to support you.

Aerial view of a suburban area with homes and trees is shown while music plays. 

Onscreen text: Our answers today

The husband and wife stand close together in front of their house. 

Onscreen text: help investors

The hospital admin stands with her arms crossed in the hospital hallway, facing the camera. 

Onscreen text: help employers

The man from the train stands in the train terminal, smiling at the camera. 

Onscreen text: help advisors

Onscreen text: Own your tomorrow

Music continues to play with a woman’s voiceover. 

Onscreen text: Over 11 Million Brokerage Accounts
Woman: Today Charles Schwab is a full-service wealth management leader.

Onscreen text: Over 4 Million Participants
Woman: A leader in retirement plans and supporting independent providers

Onscreen text: Over 2,300 Company Stock and Brokerage Plans
Woman: In workplace financial services

Onscreen text: 7,500 Advisory Firms
Woman: And supporting more independent advisors of all sizes than anyone else.

Onscreen text: Over $348 Billion in Schwab Funds and ETFs*
Woman: We’re one of the fastest-growing asset management firms.

Onscreen text: $3.25 Trillion Total Client Assets†
Woman: With more total assets than any publicly traded investment firm in America.

Music continues to play. 

Onscreen text: To learn more, visit

Music changes to simple piano brand melody. 

Onscreen text: Charles Schwab. Own your tomorrow. 

Onscreen text: 
Except where otherwise noted, all figures are per Charles Schwab & Co. data as of 12/31/2018.
*Includes holdings in affiliate funds.
†From publicly available company records.


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More than four decades ago, Charles Schwab made a commitment to individual investors. We've been making that commitment to employers and independent advisors every day.